Remax Super League Draw 11

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ST JOHNS, NL – Remax Super League Curling wraps up for the year with Draw 11. They return to the ice on Jan 4th. Three matches had to be postponed this week and will be made up in the new year. Here are the results and standings after this week.

Results from Draw 11

Newfoundland Styro vs Team Hill (Postponed)
Team Goss vs Team McNeil Lamswood (Postponed)
HeyOrca 8 vs Marco 4
Team Peddigrew 5 vs Keith Bradbury Remax 3
Orthodontic Associates vs Team Mitchell (Postponed)
McInnes Cooper 8 vs TD/Rising Edge 5
Team Crosbie 6 vs AltoMaxx 3

Current Standings

Team Crosbie (Symonds)                          9-1 (clinched at least a tiebreaker)
Keith Bradbury Remax (Noseworthy)     6-2
Team Peddigrew                                          7-3
McInnes Cooper (Skanes)                         6-3
Newfoundland Styro (Greg Smith)         6-3
Orthodontic Associates (Young)              6-3
HeyOrca (Alex Smith)                               7-4
Team McNeil Lamswood                          5-4
Team Hill                                                     4-6
Team Mitchell                                             2-6
Team Goss                                                    1-6
Marco (Curtis)                                            3-8
AltoMaxx (Strong)                                     2-8
TD/Rising Edge (O’Leary)                       1-8


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