Remax Super league curling Draw 3

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Greg Smith, Team Newfoundland Styro, discussing shot placement with teammates in last nights game in Remax Super League curling in St John’s. Photo by Greg Locke / Stray Light Media.


ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundland – Greg Smith’s Team Newfoundland Styro and Team Peddigrew sit on the top of the leader board with 3 wins and 0 loses after Draw # 3 in the Remax Super League Curling last night and one game remaining in this draw which goes on Sunday at 9:30 AM between Andrew Symonds (Team Crosbie) and Erica Curtis (Team Marco).

Draw #3  Results:

Keith Bradbury Remax 6 vs Team Hill 4
McInnes Cooper 6 vs Orthodontic Associates 4
Team McNeil-Lamswood 8 vs HeyOrca 7
Newfoundland Styro 10 vs Team Goss 2
Team Mitchell 8 vs TD 1
Team Peddigrew 8 vs AltoMaxx 7 (Extra End)
Team Crosbie vs Marco to be played Sunday October 31st at 930am

Standings as of October 26th

Newfoundland Styro (Greg Smith)            3-0
Team Peddigrew                                           3-0
Team Crosbie (Symonds)                           2-0
McInnes Cooper (Skanes)                           2-1
Orthodontic Associates (Young)               2-1
Team McNeil-Lamswood                           2-1
Keith Bradbury Remax (Noseworthy)     2-1
Marco (Curtis)                                              1-1
HeyOrca (Alex Smith)                                1-2
Team Mitchell                                              1-2
AltoMaxx (Strong)                                      1-2
Team Hill                                                      0-3
TD (O’Leary)                                                0-3
Team Goss                                                  0-3


Photos by Greg Locke / Stray Light Media

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