Opening round of Remax Super League curling

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Team Sarah Hill. Photo by Greg Locke © 2021.

ST. JOHN’S, NL – The opening round of the Remax Super League curling competition kicked off last night with six matches at the ReMax Centre in St John’s. This league is made up of the top teams in the province and players who compete on the national level. Matches are Tuesday nights with additional game on Sunday morning. The competition continues until the end of January.

Team Noseworthy 6 vs McInnes Cooper (Skanes) 5

HeyOrca (Alex Smith) 10 vs Team Goss 2

Orthodontic Associates (Young) 6 vs Team Hill 5

Team Crosbie (Symonds) 6 vs Team McNeil-Lamswood 4

AltoMaxx (Strong) 5 vs Team Mitchell 4

Team Peddigrew 6 vs Marco (Curtis) 5

Newfoundland Styro (Greg Smith) vs TD (O’Leary) to be played Sunday Oct 17 930am


Sponsor Skip  Third Second Lead
Hey Orca Alex Smith Stephen Tricket Zach Young Mike Mosher
Team Crosbie Andrew Symonds Colin Thomas Chris Ford Keith Jewer
Newfoundland Styro Greg Smith Greg Blyde Carter Small Alex McDonah
  Ryan McNeil Lambswood Daniel Bruce Nathan King Aaron Feltham
  MacKenzie Mitchell Katie Follett Sarah Chaytor Kate Peterson
  Mark Noseworthy Steve Bragg Randy Turpin Steve Rutledge
Orthodontic Associates Nathan Young Sam Follett Nathan Locke Ben Stringer
McInnes-Cooper Trent Skanes Cory Schuh Adam Boland Spencer Wicks
  Sarah Hill Kellie Sharpe Beth Hamilton Adrienne Mercer
Marco Erica Curtis Mackenzie Glynn Julie Hynes Camille Burt
  Ken Peddigrew Dave Noftall Andrew Manual Craig Dowden
TD Bank Sean O’Leary Andrew Trickett Dylan Hancock Jake Young
Alto Max Heather Strong Laura Strong Jess Wiseman Brooke Godsland
  Glenn Goss Mike Adam Ross Young Gary Tiller

Photos by Greg Locke.

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