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Because of the covid 19 various sports organization have had to adapt to guidlines set down. Here are some guidlines established by Baseball NL.

There will be no pre-game plate meetings for lineup exchanges. Lineups should be exchanged with opposing teams and umpires before the game, in a safe way that respects physical distancing as much as possible. 

 No mound visits by catcher or coach. If the coach wishes to change a pitcher or other position, he/she may call time, walk out to the foul line closest to their dugout, and make changes from that position. 

No congratulatory gestures – including handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, etc. 

Physical distancing must take place in and outside the dugout, including players and coaches. Therefore, there can only be as many people in a dugout at one time as is permitted by physical distancing. IE: if a dugout is 24 feet long, there can be no more than four people in the dugout at once, and each person must stay at least six feet away from other people. For anyone outside of the dugout, it is recommended that players be behind the fencing or in a reserved area of bleachers specifically for “dugout” use 

The umpire calling balls and strikes will be positioned six feet behind the pitcher and call balls and strikes from that position. There will NOT be a traditional home plate umpire. 

On a tag play, once the defensive player applies the tag, they must vacate the area around the opposing player immediately . 

A runner on third base cannot steal home or score on a passed ball or wild pitch. 

While not mandatory, a “softball-style” safety bag should be used at first base where possible. 

Local associations will be strongly encouraged to stagger/alter start times to allow for stakeholders to safely arrive and leave facilities.

Players and parents/guardians are expected to arrive no more than 15 minutes before a scheduled game/practice and are expected to leave within 15 minutes of a scheduled game/practice finishing.

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