Growlers and City kiss and make up …sort of.

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ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundland – The Newfoundland Growlers and St John’s City Hall appear to have kissed and made up with news today that the Growlers will be returning to the Mary Brown Centre after being evicted from the building by city council three weeks ago over a charge of workplace harassment.

Deacon Sports and Entertainment, owners if the growlers and St John’s Sports and Entertainment, operator of the Mary Brown Centre and own by City of St John’s reached an agreement today that could see the Growlers back in time to play their next home game on December 1st game.

Last week a reported completed in March was leaked to the media which saw lawyers for the City of St John’s threaten court action against a number of local media outlets if they published contents of the report. …because threatening the media and trying to stifle them always looks good on you.

But is all forgiven? Maybe not.

The agreement is said to be for three years, which will give Deacon Sports enough time to build its own facility outside of St John’s as owner Dean MacDonald has stated he plans to do.

 It also has provisions for an autonomous operating committee made up of representatives from both SJSEL and DSE to ensure operational requirements and obligations under the lease agreement.

A commitment to operational stability for the remainder of the three-year lease agreement to ensure the Growlers’ continued access to the Mary Brown’s Centre for hockey operations.

An agreement to support a media blackout regarding the workplace harassment investigation.

The investigation into complaints employees of SJSEL and DSE is still ongoing and Deacon Sports and Entertainment will continue its actions against SJSE and the city.  

SJSEL stated there were never any allegations of a physical or sexual nature. Neither players nor coaches of the Growlers are involved in the allegations in any way. SJSEL and DSE are both committed to a respectful workplace and are committed to respectful social media use.

So, was all of this over social media posts? …seriously?

Ticketing issues are expected to be worked out in the coming days

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