MJR Masonry 8–Game on Gear 5 (6-Innings)

Game Called In The Top of the 6th Inning When Game On Gear Had A Player Ejected And Did Not Have Enough Players To Continue As They Had Used Their Bench Earlier In The Game. As A Result, MJR Masonry Were Awarded The Game.

MJR Masonry Pitching Stats:
Adam Janes (Starter) 5IP, 2R, 3H, 1BB, 6K
Murray Preston (In Relief) 0.2IP, 3R, 3H, 0BB, 1K

MJR Masonry Top Batters:
Murray Preston 2-2, 2R, Double, RBI
David Kennedy 2-2, R, RBI
Aaron Janes 2-3, Double, 2RBI
Adam Janes 2-3, R, RBI

Game on Gear Pitching Stats:
Andrew Kelly 5IP, 8R, 10H, 1BB, 5K

Game on Gear Top Batters:
Bill Coady 1-1
Jordan Pomeroy 1-1
Brandon Coady 1-3, 2R, Triple, 2RBI
Mike King 1-3, R, RBI
Brandon Pomroy 1-3, R, SB
Patrick Heffernan 1-3, RBI

Final Intermediate League Regular Season Standings
1. Lafontaine Club Bud Light 12-5
2. Bay Roberts Coors Light 11-6
3. CBC Junior Canadians 11-6
4. CBS Storm 11-6
5. MJR Masonry 9-8
6. Rob Roy 5-12
7. Game on Gear 5-12
8. PCI Roebothan McKay Marshall 4-13

Bay Roberts Coors Light, CBC Junior Canadians & CBS Storm All Finished With 11-6 Records.

Based On All Games Played Between Each Other Bay Roberts Coors Light Finished With A 5-1 Record, CBC Junior Canadians Finished With A 2-4 Record & CBS Storm Finished With A 2-4 Record.

Bay Roberts Coors Light Won The Season Series Against CBC Junior Canadians 3-0 And Won The Season Series Against CBS Storm 2-1 And As A Result Finish In 2nd Place.

CBC Junior Canadians Won The Season Series Against CBS Storm 2-1 And As A Result CBC Junior Canadians Finish In 3rd Place & CBS Storm Finish In 4th Place.

Rob Roy & Game on Gear Finished With 5-12 Records.

Rob Roy Won The Season Series Against Game On Gear 2-1 And As A Result Rob Roy Finish In 6th Place & Game on Gear Finish In 7th Place.

Best-of-3 Quarter-Final Match-Ups
8th Place-PCI Roebothan McKay Marshall (4-13) vs. 1st Place-Lafontaine Club Bud Light (12-5)
7th Place-Game on Gear (5-12) vs. 2nd Place-Bay Roberts Coors Light (11-6)
6th Place-Rob Roy (5-12) vs. 3rd Place-CBC Junior Canadians (11-6)
5th Place-MJR Masonry (9-8) vs. 4th Place-CBS Storm (11-6)