Holy Cross defeated Feildians 2-nothing in Breen’s Jubilee ladies soccer semi-final play. Julie Cocker scored the game winning goal at 56 minutes and at 66 minutes Jessie Noseworthy added the insurance marker. Jamie Crocker gets the shutout.

Holy Cross will now meet C-B-S Kirby Group in the championship game one o clock Saturday at the Topsail Field.


Soccer NL  will announce its All-Star team and award winners for the Breen’s Jubilee Trophy league, at noon on Saturday at Topsail Field in CBS.


The awards will be followed at 12:30pm by the women’s championship game between Top-ranked CBS Kirby Group and Holy Cross.


Following is the list of players nominated for various positions:


Forward: Julie Crocker (Holy Cross), Malorie Harris (CBS Kirby Group), Kathy Hurley (Feildians), Maria Mackey (Holy Cross), Jane Pope (Holy Cross)


Midfield: Kaelyn Burke (Holy Cross), Liz McPhail (Feildians), Terri Murphy (Holy Cross), Kiley Snow (CBS Kirby Group), Jenny Tiller (CBS Kirby Group), Nicole Torraville (CBS Kirby Group)


Defense: Stacey Hanlon (Feildians), Nicole Moores (CBS Kirby Group), Alexe Morgan (CBS Kirby Group), Maria Oliver (CBS Kirby Group), Courtney Sharron (CBS Kirby Group), Noelle Stanford (Holy Cross), Lauren Windsor (Feildians), Keisha Young (Holy Cross)


Goalkeeper: Jamie Crocker (Holy Cross)


Rookie of the Year: Laura Cadigan (Feildians), Nicole Torraville (CBS Kirby Group) and Keisha Young (Holy Cross)


Most Spirited Player: Taeler Kean (CBS Kirby Group),  Noelle Stanford (Holy Cross) and Emily Wiscombe (Feildians).